About Todd

Village of Fox Crossing, WI


Todd writes, “Northeast Wisconsin, our home, is being significantly challenged.  While some gains have been made, our rivers, shorelines, wetlands, woodlots, prairies and wildlife continue to be diminished and homogenized.  Individuals working collectively can make a difference in protecting and building environmental assets for our own and future generations.  Participation with the land trust is a great investment opportunity in this regard.”


The retired periodontist brings experience in volunteer work including United Way Fox Cities, ABC host family and long term family support of community, environmental and professional organizations. “I’ve been privileged to live in, travel through, hike, ski, fish and be present in modest and spectacular natural spaces all across our continent.”  The writings of Aldo Leopold, Sigurd Olsen and others have added their passion and responsibility to the preservation of these spaces especially in Northeast Wisconsin.