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Accreditation for a Stronger Land Trust
Accreditation increases public awareness and promotes confidence in land trusts and land conservation.

The world of private land conservation is more complex than ever. As the number and scale of our land acquisitions grow, the work becomes increasingly more intricate. Keeping up with best practices and conducting business at the highest standard is not just a priority but a necessity if we wish to protect more natural places forever.

Because of this, Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust is seeking renewal of its accredited status this year. During the process, the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance, conducts an extensive review of our policies and programs. Complying with national quality standards ensures that we are operating in a way that is ethically, financially, and technically sound.

Our small land trust invests hundreds of hours in the accreditation process every 5 years, a hefty undertaking for a staff of four. But we view the effort as well worthwhile. The undertaking gives us the tools to see where we meet best practices and where upgrades are needed to achieve our ultimate goal: continual organizational improvement that ensures permanent land conservation.

In February 2023, when Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust is granted another 5 years of accredited status, the event will go largely unremarked, even by those who worked tirelessly to administer the process.

But that small accreditation seal found on the corner of our communications stands for so much. It is a true mark of distinction in land conservation, demonstrating that an organization meets national standards for excellence, upholds the public trust, and implements practices to ensure that our conservation efforts are permanent.


NEWLT Photo 1.jpg

Board members David Calle and Chris Powley being awarded NEWLT's first accreditation in 2017

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