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Julie Hawkins-Tyriver 

Land Conservation Director


Resides in: Neenah


Why she joined NEWLT: Prior to becoming part of the staff, Julie volunteered at Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust. When asked what her most memorable experience from volunteering was, she stated, “I really felt like I was part of something big. The Land Trust was closing nine projects, a record year for NEWLT, and I knew I was part of that history – part of preserving something forever. Every year when we close projects now, I get the same thrill.”


Background: Julie earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with majors in Environmental Studies and Urban Planning. Prior to that she was in the Army and worked in marketing at an advertising agency in Milwaukee.


Hobbies: Julie enjoys gardening, photography, fishing, hunting, and snowshoeing. Curious by nature, she loves wandering the woods by foot or canoe with her family every chance she gets.

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