Nearly there!
Conservation that Connects

We’re nearly there! Thanks to you, our yearlong campaign celebrating NEWLT’s 25th Anniversary will soon be a full success.

We’ve already raised 94% of our $250,000 goal, met The Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region’s Bright Idea Fund challenge match, and, with a few remaining requests, expect the campaign to be completed by mid-year.


Just as we thought, it has taken a community. Of gifts to-date, two-thirds have been from you, while one-third has been from local corporations and foundations. Some of you gave more than we asked, some of you rejoined us after years away, and some of you gave for the first time.  We appreciate you all—and look forward to publishing a full donor list in our spring newsletter.

In the near future, monies raised will help set up a Community Conservation program at NEWLT. Through the program, we’ll engage and excite members new and old in up-close work on our preserves, building enthusiasm, excitement, and understanding around the critical need to protect priority lands.  New staff, and the tools and resources needed to support them, will help us do that.

The regional benefits of protecting lands—better water quality, cleaner air, greater biodiversity, increased wildlife habitat, more access to outdoor recreation, and improved ecological health—will be better known and more widely supported.

Thank you again. You are our conservation community, and you’ve allowed us to build on your generosity. We’re excited for this next chapter.