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Harbor Lights Preserve

Location: Brown County
Area Protected: 31 Acres

Harbor Lights Preserve is located in Suamico, Brown County, WI. It protects extensive wetlands that filter water, provide spawning habitat for Northern Pike and a stopover site for many birds. This property will be open to the public for hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking, and bird watching. Wetlands of lower Green Bay have been dramatically diminished and degraded by developments, wetland fills, hydrologic disruptions, pollution, and the spread of aggressive invasive species. Remaining wetlands, like the Harbor Lights Preserve, will continue to provide significant habitat for migratory and resident birds and fish. The acquisition of these 31 acres of forested wetlands and cattail marsh will protect this impor­tant and integral component of the productive wetland remnants in Brown County.


Harbor Lights Preserve includes a ten acre cattail marsh with a small pond that is a breeding site for waterfowl and an important stopover for land, shore and waterfowl birds. A creek on the South end of the property has had Northern Pike habitat restoration work completed by Brown County Land and Water Conservation Department, which provides fish with the ability to reach the property for spawning in springtime. There is a continually flooded portion of the property that drains to Barkhausen Creek through a ditch.


Harbor Lights Preserve protects a Land Legacy Place (Green Bay West Shore Wetlands), and a critical component of the Green Bay West Shores Wildlife Area – a Conservation Opportunity Area (COA), for which no other protection options were available. This is a hard-working wetland that is performing important ecosystem services like retaining and controlling flood waters, absorbing nutrients and chemicals from the water and storing them like a natural filtration system.


Please feel free to visit. You can park on the road near the sign, and make sure you bring your boots.

Directions to Harbor Lights Preserve


From the North via HWY 41

-Take HWY 41/141 north to exit 176, Cty Rd. B

-Travel east on Cty Rd. B for about a half mile until you reach Cty Rd. J and turn right.

-Travel South on Cty. Rd. J for about one mile until you reach Harbor Lights Rd. and turn left.

-Signage will be on Harbor Lights Rd. guiding you the rest of the way to the property.


From the South via HWY 41

          -Take HWY 41/141 north to exit 173, Cty Rd. M or Lineville Rd.

          -Travel east on Lineville Rd. until you reach a roundabout. Take Deerfield Ave. and head north for 2-3 miles.

          -Turn left on Harbor Lights Rd, the preserve is about a mile west on the left.

          -Signage will be on Harbor Lights Road guiding you the rest of the way to the property.


From the East

-Travel to HWY 41N and follow directions above from there


From the West

-Travel to HWY 41N or HWY 41S and follow directions above depending where you are coming from


*For more precise directions visit Google Maps and look for directions from your address to Harbor Lights Rd, Suamico, WI.

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