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West Shore Preserve

Location: Brown County
Area Protected: 34 Acres

In spring of 2012, Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust purchased a 34 acre ephemeral wetland property along Green Bay’s west shore. The west shore parcel contains 32.5 acres of forested wetland, a seasonal creek which provides spawning habitat for Northern Pike, and 1.5 acres of upland forest. This property is located on Bayside Road and west of 18 acres of Wisconsin DNR land. Northeast of the West Shore preserve is 70 acres of wetland which NEWLT holds a permenant conservation easement. NEWLT's long term goal is to help preserve additional west shore lands.

“The life cycle of the northern pike provides a snapshot of the relationship between coastal wetlands, a healthy watershed, and ecologically important species. Northern pike depend not only on the coastal wetlands but on a network of small streams and ditches that connect the wetlands with the inland areas of the watershed. The pike use this network every spring as they swim inland from Green Bay to spawn,” Kendra Axness, UW-Extension Basin Educator for Natural Resources.

After hatching, the pike “fry” spend time in this area growing strong before they begin their journey back to the Bay sometime in May. After this, the waterways and wetlands they occupied in spring dry up. Looking at these places in summer you would never suspect that they are extremely important spawning and rearing habitat for fish. Next spring, mature pike will repeat the cycle and often return to the same location where their parents spawned.


Directions to West Shore Preserves


From the North or South via HWY 41

-Take HWY 41 to the Brown Rd exit (Brown Rd is the Oconto County/Brown County line)

-Travel east on Brown Rd until you reach Bayside Rd (about 2 miles)

-Travel South on Bayside Rd for about one mile until you reach the property

-Signage will be on the right side of the road


From the East

-Travel to HWY 41N and follow directions above from there


From the West

-Travel to HWY 41N or HWY 41S and follow directions above depending where you are coming from


*For more precise directions visit Google Maps and look for directions from your address to Bayside Rd, Suamico, WI

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