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What We Do

Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust is a nationally-accredited 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to permanently protecting northeast Wisconsin's special natural places.   With other conservation partners working to sustain the quality of life in northeast Wisconsin, we work to preserve environmentally-significant lands in 12 counties that will leave a lasting legacy for our families and future generations.


Since our founding in 1996, Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust has worked to preserve more than 6,000 acres of natural land, including forests, wetlands, and miles of shoreline, to benefit the health and happiness of the region.


We preserve land three ways:

-Through conservation agreements with private landowners (owners keep their land while limiting future development and determining which restrictions are placed on land use). In such conservation easements, all land is preserved forever, and agreements remain with the deed.

-Through outright purchase, creating public preserves open to the public for light recreational use (hiking, fishing, and hunting).

-Through donations of land (usually these lands are opened to the public).


Our efforts depend on member support, and on the support of like-minded foundations, corporations, and others in the communities we serve.



Contributions to Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust:

-Protect water quality by preserving critical land along lakes, rivers, and streams

-Improve air quality by protecting forests and trees

-Preserve and restore wildlife habitat for critters, birds, and fish

-Provide places where people can enjoy the outdoors

-Create a lasting legacy and protect the heritage of northeast Wisconsin for future generations

We hope you'll join us!

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