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Winchester Meadow

Location: Winnebago County

Area Protected: 444 Acres

In December 2008, Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust purchased 444 acres of rare northern sedge meadow. The land, known as the Winchester Meadow, is located in the Town of Winchester in Winnebago County. NEWLT donated the entire 444 acres to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources which is managing the property for the general public to enjoy hiking, bird watching, sightseeing, nature study, and hunting. According to DNR sources, the wet-meadow and associated wetlands along Lakes Winneconne and Poygan are particularly important for their stormwater and floodwater retention and water quality protection functions. The marsh is probably the best example of northern sedge meadow in the Wolf River Basin and is an important staging area for sandhill cranes with over 20 acres of dense shrub and cattail providing pheasant winter cover. It is the location of the first documented Blanding’s turtle observed in Winnebago County. This property is just minutes away from the Fox Cities, and is open to the public year-round. More information on the Winchester Meadow can be found by clicking here.

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