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Brown County

Green Bay West Shore


68.8 Acres Protected

Dan Szcepanski was born here, and has lived here on the west shore of Green Bay all of his life. This has always been his home. His family used to farm much of this land, used the downed trees to heat their home while their cattle used to graze beneath the tall oaks. When Mr. Szcepanski donated a conservation easement to Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust in December 2010, he wanted to ensure that this property would not be developed, and that the habitat would remain to “protect the wild creatures and land forever” so that other plants and animals could forever make this their home too. His passion and vision for the place he has called “home” his whole life brought him to NEWLT in 2005. A part of the ecologically important wetlands on Green Bay’s West Shore, this conservancy protects 1,800 feet of shoreline and wetlands. These wetlands provide valuable spawning and rearing habitat for fish species in Green Bay. This habitat also provides resting and nesting habitat for many shorebirds, including rails, herons, and yellow-headed blackbirds. During the spring and fall migrations thousands of birds can be seen from the shore.


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